Receiver Wrench, Nucleus & Archimedes

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Made in the USA.

Product Overview

  • Designed for use with both short and long action Nucleus & Archimedes receivers in either left or right hand.

  • Made from steel.  Designed to be softer than the receiver in order to protect the receiver.

  • Overall length is about 8.5 inches.

  • Hexagonal end fits a 9/16 inch wrench.

  • Ejector must be removed from receiver to insert the wrench.  This is required for the wrench to have sufficient material to engage the receiver once inserted.   

Using the Wrench

If your wrench looks looks like the one shown below and is not marked with part number: PN 10004, please contact us to return it for a replacement.  (This does not apply to Mausingfield wrenches)

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating
Odoo CMS- Sample image floating