Recall Notification of Nucleus Receiver Wrench

1 May 2019

American Rifle Company has decided to recall all receiver wrenches sold for use with the Nucleus bolt action and John Hancock rifles. The reason for the recall is that improper use of the wrench can damage the receiver. The damage does NOT cause a safety issue, but it does prevent insertion of the bolt assembly into the receiver.


Improper use means applying load (torque) to the wrench when incorrectly inserted into the receiver.
Improper use also means applying load (torque) to the wrench in excess of the recommended 100 lb-ft as indicated on the wrench.

Even though the wrench can be used successfully if used as recommended, American Rifle Company believes that the margin for error is too small and thus finds it necessary to recall the wrenches.

The recalled wrench can be easily identified. It is marked with the following:

American Rifle Company

NUCLEUS ®   Do not exceed 100 lb-ft

The head of the recalled wrench is also different from that of the new wrench as depicted below.

Wrench Comparison

A new wrench has been designed and tested for loads up to 200 lb-ft. The maximum recommended torque for the new wrench is 150 lb-ft. The new wrench is also marked with part number 10004 and labelled for use with both the Nucleus and the Archimedes actions.

The new wrench can only be inserted into a receiver if oriented correctly. However, it is necessary to remove the ejector from the receiver in order to insert the new wrench into the receiver. It is also necessary to FULLY insert the new wrench into the receiver by pushing it as far forward as possible until coming to a stop against the breech face of the barrel. Load (torque) must NEVER be applied to the new wrench for either tightening or loosening unless it is FULLY inserted into the receiver.

Please ship us your old wrench along with a note indicating your return address and American Rifle Company will send a replacement wrench to you.

We apologize for inconveniencing you with this and we remain committed to earning your continued business support and most importantly, your trust. Thank you.

All at American Rifle Company