Bolt Head & Extractor Kit, M15 Coup De Grâce

175.00 175.0 USD 175.00


  • Hand
    • Right
    • Left
  • Bolt Face
    • 0.378"
    • 0.422"
    • 0.441"
    • 0.473"
    • 0.535"
    • 0.588"

This combination does not exist.

*If you do not see the cartridge you're looking for on this chart, please contact us!


  • Designed for use with Coup De Grâce bolt action enabling caliber interchangeability
  • Hardened and polished stainless steel bolt head for smooth cycling
  • Hardened steel extractor with black oxide finish for corrosion resistance
  • These come assembled with the necessary ball and spring
  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA

Part Number 015-10204-10218-(R/L)(378/441/473/535/588)

Please Read

Cartridges with 14.93mm (.588 in) diameter case heads, i.e. 338 Lapua Mag, will not be engaged by the extractor as they are released by the magazine feed lips. Instead, they will feed in a manner like that exhibited by push feed actions, especially if used with the fixed bolt handle.

We strongly recommend choosing the pivoting handle for use with the 588 bolt head for two reasons. First, large cartridges are more likely to get stuck in the chamber than small cartridges. And secondly, the cartridges will be extractable without the need to rotate the bolt closed.

At this time, we are not sure if the 588 bolt head and extractor can be designed to function exactly like the smaller variants. We will continue to explore this.


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