Below is a summary of the similarities and differences between our actions.

For more action-specific details, please refer to each action's web page.



Not an average 'base model' bolt action. The Nucleus has interchangeable bolt heads which maintain a +/- 0.0005 tolerance for a guaranteed overall headspace dimension of +/- 0.002, which also applies to our other actions.

The Nucleus has been improved and simplified since it's original release in 2018. It now features a bayonet-style bolt shroud, keyed rail interface, and integral recoil lug. 

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The pivoting bolt handle of the Archimedes action gives you the mechanical advantage to extract even the most stubbornly stuck cases.  Your ability to extract cartridges without the use of tools is now limited only by the strength of the case rim.  And since bolt rotation is no longer necessary for case extraction, 75 degrees of bolt rotation is entirely dedicated to cocking, making cycling the bolt as easy as it gets.

The Archimedes embodies the most significant advancement in bolt action design that has occurred in over 120 years.

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Featuring a Mauser extractor and a Springfield ejector, our Mausingfield action is a unique fusion of modern design and battle-proven features from bolt actions past.

The Mausingfield allows the option for BDL bottom metal as well as a bolt head up to 0.588". 

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